Ah...the million dollar question. How do I order one of these babies?!

The ordering process is not too complex! If there is a piece in my custom order collection for sale (still in stock) just press that ol' purchase button and let's get going on a timeless piece! 

Now there's a few more details to it than that, but lets be real, sometimes it's okay to get trigger happy and whip out that credit card before someone else does!

I want your custom order to be unqiue to you and everything you want. So let's design it! 

 I use sterling silverfor base metals. Brands, initials, or overlays are hand cut out of brass. Your custom piece can include edge of your choice: plain or silver beaded edge.

Please include any and all notes with your order in the "notes" section during checkout. If it doesn't allow you to do this, shoot me a message! Feel free to email me or contact me on any of my social media platforms.  I really need to have record of our conversations and what exactly you envision for reference, so message or email is easiest. 
For example: I put in an order for the Ranch Boss. In the notes I include: I would like both of my family brands on this ring, centered around a small piece of turquoise. Brands cut out in silver, copper as the main metal of the ring. Plain edges and a scroll engraving with no flowers. 
We can discuss this order more but this gives me a great basis on where you are wanting to go with this piece!  
Turquoise/Stones: Options to add pieces of turquoise or other stones is available to add to most custom options. 
If you want a larger statement piece of turquoise incorporated in your custom piece, I have multiple stones options available. If you have a specific piece in mind let me know!
Brands: Sending pictures is a yes!! Brands or initials can be incorporated into just about all custom orders. If you're not sure, shoot me a message.
Cactus: Whether it's engraved, hand cut out, or a dainty cactus flower adorning a piece of turquoise, we all know you're all about that cacti life!  And I am so okay with that! Check out our Southwest Senora collection for specific southwestern /cacti themed rings for inspiration. 
Engraving: There is a whole multitude of engraving options to choose from. Even those with simple "rough-out" back ground or plain no engraving! I suggest you browse through my gallery and social media feeds (please only send me my own pieces, NOT work of someone else). Find some styles you like and be sure to send me those for inspiration. 
*The more “accessories” you add to your piece, the more expensive it will be. Handmade isn’t cheap and cheap isn’t handmade.*
The price you pay now is solely reflective of the DEPOSIT to get you in my books. When placing an order it shows you are genuinely interested in investing in a timeless piece. What you pay now is just a DEPOSIT and is non-refundable. Prices will vary with metal, size, and exact customization's. I am more than happy to discuss overall price of your dream piece throughout the design process. The price you pay at the time of purchase of a custom order is a DEPOSIT to hold your spot in line as space and number of custom orders will be limited.
Wait Time:
This little silver gig of mine is not my full time work. I usually get to work on orders on the weekends (roughly 4-8 days a month). That’s in between full-time employment, ranching, and family. With that being said, I feel it’s only fair that you know up front an estimate of how long you will be waiting for your order to pass across my bench. Generally speaking, I am 8-12 months out on orders. I am working really hard at getting that time frame down; sometimes orders are out in 3 months, other times its closer to 11 months. If you need a piece by a certain date I need to know that information up front and I will do my absolute best to accommodate; however, sometimes it’s simply not feasible. Please keep this wait time in mind with any custom orders. I’m a one man, dog, and pony show here. No employees, no minions in the back. I can only promise you the wait will be far worth it. 
Once I am ready to begin working on your order, you will receive notice anywhere from 1 week- 1 month ahead of time. We will then discuss any final details and final price of the ring. At this point a final invoice will be sent. If that invoice is not paid within 48 hours, I move down my list of orders and your order is considered cancelled and deposit is lost at that point. Full payment is required before I start work on your order. 
I encourage you to send me pictures (of my past work, NOT someone else’s) of your vision for your piece after you place your order. You can send these via Facebook, email, or Instagram. I will continue to still use my creative design to make your piece one of a kind. I try not to create “cookie cutter” pieces.
Not all pieces will be available for custom order. I am limiting my batches of custom orders to keep wait time down. If there is something so specific that I have not released for custom order, please let me know! I can arrange for a release with next batch of customs! 
Thank you so much for wanting to order something special and custom through me!! I absolutely appreciate each and every one of you.