Cow Camp Collection

Growing up spending most of the summers at Cliffs cow camp, the Brace, or the Star is always a fond memory of mine. Part of my life that truly shaped me.

My parents worked for Mike Hanley when us kids were younger so many days were spent in the saddle or following Mike around the barn yard hearing his stories or even a tall tale now and then. His artwork I grew up with. He would scribble rugged horses and jack rabbits on envelopes and corners of paper. The Cliffs cow camp was covered with his artwork from when he stayed there. 

The artistic talent of Mike speaks closely to my heart and something very special to me. When I had the idea to create a home decor line, I knew his work was what I wanted to use and promote. I want to keep his legacy alive in every way. 

I hope you enjoy these very special home goods that dipict the history, lifestyle, and tradtions of the untamed piece of the west that is the Owyhees. 

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