Royce-Turquoise Pendants

Royce-Turquoise Pendants

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Gorgeous assortment of turquoise pendants! Sterling silver & large bails for larger necklaces. Each comes with a sterling silver chain

A: Pilot Mtn turquoise with sterling silver raised border. 4mm & 3mm Kingman stones accent the side

B: Double bordered Pilot mtn turquoise with 3mm turquoise flower on side.

C: Pilot mountain turquoise with beaded edge & succulent flower.

D: CRACKED/FLAWED. This stone is being sold as is. There is a crack that does not affect the wearability of this necklace! Twisted wire border & cactus flower accent

E. No border around this gorgeous pilot Mtn turquoise. 3mm turquoise flower accents the side.